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Cool Reasons to Move Overseas

-By Klaus Kaufmann, D.Sc.

Metro Vancouver, BC

Find Out the Many Advantages of Living Abroad

You are a baby boomer beginning to wonder where to retire. You are an artist. You are a writer who can live anywhere while writing because your publisher has email. You are a wireless computer worker free from location. You are retired already. You have health issues. You want to get away from those pesky relatives. While staying in Canada may seem comfortable, moving overseas brings lots of rewards.

If it is rainy and often cold where you live now, consider a warmer place. If it’s too hot, a cool haven like Costa Rica may soothe you. Your taxes are killing you? Consider a tax-haven like Belize. A new adventure awaits! Take your photographic skills abroad. Astra International Moving & Shipping Inc. will make it all come true. Following are great reasons for moving overseas. Ponder the endless possibilities of improving life!

Pastime and Leisure Activities

The new thrill and the adventure of overseas living in out of the ordinary places may fill your days with new hope and innovation. Hobbies you may not have considered before because of affordability or surroundings such as photography may suddenly appeal to you in your new overseas home. Reinvent yourself as a hiker, photographer, sailor, golfer – you name it.

Cost of Living

Even after paying for a fairly expensive overseas move to your destination country, you may benefit from much lower costs of living. Believe it or not, in some countries a couple can live comfortably on less than the ordinary monthly Old Age Pension supplement.

Standard of Living

With less stress and more money to go much further, resulting in more comforts, your everyday standard of living may improve dramatically. Many countries offer safe surroundings with a relaxed lifestyle where the neighbours are friendly, the way of life much simpler and the food a pleasure to discover.

To Your Health!

Allergies? Arthritis? Rheumatism? Or just of frail health or in need of recuperation? In the olden days, only the rich and famous could afford to move down south to better climates. But today, you can, too! You may even find special considerations and respect for the elderly in many countries (France comes to mind!). Hospitals and health care may be better than what you are experiencing here. That also holds true for health insurance in many places.


Canada will forward your CPP and Old Age Pension to your new address overseas. Becoming a non-resident in Canada may result in improved tax options and savings. With some advance planning, you will be able to keep your money out of your home country and even out of your new destination in order to protect it from tax erosion. Some countries permit retirees to live tax-free. For instance, in Panama and Belize, you can manage your finances so as to avoid taxes.


If you are a senior citizen, Astra International Moving & Shipping Inc. will offer you a special discount!

Last but Not Least: The Bloody Weather

Whether you suffer from bouts of arthritis or not, moving into a country where the sun shines most of the time and where winter is but a memory may appeal to you. The additional advantage is that you can save lots of money on warm clothing you will never need anymore. Don’t want to see snow again? Consider moving to a warm country: Greece? Italy? Southern France? Belize? Caribbean? Panama? Costa Rica?

So, how about living abroad? We look forward to making your move overseas safe, economical and fun. Feel free to contact us at your convenience. Bon Voyage!

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